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  • Yet there’s British people, including veterans living on the streets.....
    Asylum support
    How to apply for asylum support if you're waiting to find out if you'll be given asylum in the UK
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  • Apple Watch Series 4
    The Apple Watch keeps steaming on, and while its rivals try to make sense of the smartwatch form-factor, the Series 4 arrives with the market wrapped around its little finger. Yet the Apple Watch Series 4 is the company’s biggest change since the original Apple Watch landed in 2014. After four years and five watchOS operating systems, the design, features and use cases of the Apple Watch...
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  • watchOS 5 adds powerful activity and communications features to Apple Watch
    San Jose, California — Apple today previewed watchOS 5, a significant update to the world’s most popular watch, helping users stay healthy and connected. Apple Watch becomes an even stronger companion for fitness, communication and quick access to information with a host of new features including Activity Sharing competitions, auto-workout detection, advanced running features,...
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  • AMD FX-8300 8-Core Gaming Computer
    Specs in picture
    £450,00 (GBP)
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  • Do you have a Twitch channel? You can now add your channel to your profile (View my profile for example) Just go to edit your profile and enter your Twitch username in the Gamer section!
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  • Just updated ProfileSpace! Here's what's new:

    - [Added] Events
    - [Added] Group Privacy (Public, Closed & Secret)
    - [Added] New Group Layout
    - [Added] Discover Pages
    - [Added] Discover Groups
    - [Added] Discover People
    - [Added] Blogs
    - [Added] Invite Friends to Events
    - [Added] Invite Friends to Pages
    - [Added] Invite Friends to Groups
    - [Added] Stories
    - [Added] DayTime Messages (Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening)
    - [Added] Replies
    - [Added] Reply to Reply
    - [Added] Comment Button for Mobile
    - [Added] Emojies to the Publisher
    - [Added] Stickers in [Posts|Comments|Chat]
    - [Added] Discover Games
    - [Added] User Played Games
    - [Added] Recent Searches
    - [Added] Browser Push Notifications
    - [Added] Notification Highlights
    - [Added] Noty Notifications
    - [Added] Notifications Sound Toggle On/Off
    - [Added] Friend Request email notification
    - [Added] Posts Socail Share (Facebook, Twitter, ...etc)
    - [Added] Add YouTube Smart Player (Better Performance)
    - [Added] PRO Package Membership Management [User Settings]
    - [Added] First Name + Last Name instead of Full Name
    - [Added] Login with Email or Username
    - [Added] @mentions now support UTF-8 charset
    - [Added] Notifications after @mention after edit post/comment
    - [Added] Ads in newsfeed
    - [Added] Ads in Marketplace
    - [Added] New Passwords Hash System instead of MD5/SHA1
    - [Added] Enhanced the debugging mode
    - [Added] Sticky Sidebar in Homepage & Directory
    - [Added] New default users, pages and groups profile picture
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